Qualdrop Carbo One

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500 ml is enough for up to 50,000 liters of water

Each package contains a 125 ml or 500 ml bottle with the preparation and 3 dispensers with a capacity of: 1 ml, 5 ml and 25 ml, all packed in a very aesthetic cardboard box.

CARBO ONE is a complex preparation which is a very efficient source of the so-called organic carbon necessary for the proper development of aquatic plants. It is completely biodegradable. CARBO ONE supports a number of biochemical processes taking place in plant cells. Intensively supports plant growth, while blocking the development of undesirable algae. Preparation CARBO ONE is intended for aquariums with an additional dispensing of the gas CO 2 as well as without it.

The dosing system used is very flexible and enables precise dosing of the preparation for both large and small aquariums. You can accurately dispense e.g. 0.5 ml as well as 3 ml or 25 ml. Which is not possible with the use of commonly used soap pumps, commonly used in preparations of other manufacturers. What distinguishes CARBO ONE from other preparations of this type – first of all, the quality of workmanship, in terms of the raw materials used, stability and utility values. The dosing system used in CARBO ONE has been submitted to the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland.



125ml 8,90€, 500ml 18,90€