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HyperPore is a modern ceramic filter material with an incredibly developed effective specific surface area BET of approx. 2200 m 2 / liter. HyperPore has a three-dimensional structure of open and interconnected biologically active pores. HyperPore contains useful, biologically effective pores of approximately 45 μm and 150 μm. The combination of a huge surface, the presence of biologically active pores and the structure of open pores creates ideal conditions for the colonization and development of beneficial nitrifying and denitrifying bacteria. HyperPore has the shape of a cylinder with dimensions: diameter approx. 25 mm and height approx. 20 mm.

Advantages of HyperPore

1. Provides ideal conditions for the development of beneficial bacterial flora.
2. It allows you to quickly eliminate harmful concentrations of NH 4 , NO 2 and reduce NO 3
3. Contributes to better plant growth and development of living organisms.
4. Indifferent to water parameters.
5. Removes cloudiness.
6. Huge BET filtration area, approx. 2200 m 2 / liter.
7. Biologically effective pores with dimensions of approx. 45 μm and 150 μm
. 8. Suitable for fresh and sea water.


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