Qualdrop MASTER SOIL Super Powder 1-2mm 3 litra



Osastot: , , Avainsana tuotteelle


Master Soil is a Japanese active substrate intended mainly for typical plant tanks. Master Soil substrate naturally regulates the parameters of the water in the aquarium, reducing the value of the pH, GH and KH parameters. Master Soil has more plant nutrients (mainly fulvic and humic acids as well as minerals) than, for example, Platinum Soil . The substrate Master Soil can also be used for shrimp farming ornamental type of bee and tropical fish. Master Soi l
active substrate is produced in Japan from natural soil using the latest multi-stage surface sintering technology. As a result, the substrateMaster Soil has excellent absorption properties, very high porosity, which prevents the formation of anaerobic zones and accelerates the colonization of Master Soil granules with large colonies of bacteria that quickly decompose ”ammonia” (NH + ) and nitrite (NO 2 ). As a result, the time between water changes is significantly longer.


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