Qualdrop Mironekuton – Natural Deep Sea Mineral 300g




Original Japanese Qualdrop Mironekuton – Natural Deep Sea Mineral

The original Mironekuton is found only in Japan and in only one region. It is exceptionally rich in minerals and many trace elements. It was formed millions of years ago at the time of the birth of the Japanese Archipelago, when dynamic geological forces brought the primeval seabed to the surface, revealing soft and porous ancient marine sediments. The Mironekuton beds were created by marine organisms from ancient eras as a result of the deposition of sediments layer by layer, their decomposition and transformation into new formations. In fact, you can still find fossilized remains of ancient crustaceans in the rocks. When viewed under an electron microscope, it reveals the astonishing accumulation of fossil remains of the exceedingly diverse ancient marine life.

Below we present photos of the Mironekuton offered by us . They are amazing! Worth seeing. Moreover, Mironekuton particles are highly porous and have countless micropores with a diameter of only 50 nm. This ideal pore size and structure give Mironekuton, among other things, extraordinary adsorption properties.