Qualdrop PrimePore

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How to use
PrimePore should be rinsed before use. The ceramic cartridge must be placed in the filter baskets behind the mechanical cleaning cartridges. For every 100 liters of water, it is advantageous to use about 1 liter of bed. The ceramic cartridge is rinsing and reusable.

ATTENTION! Never clean or replace the entire quantity of PrimePore in one operation. If necessary, replace 30-50% at a time. Never clean too rigorously (cultures of beneficial bacteria cannot be completely destroyed), in most cases a simple rinse with water drained from the tank every few weeks is enough. Do not use for breeding plants and animals intended for consumption and food processing. The product is intended for aquariums with fish and ornamental plants. Keep away from children. Lots of products may vary in color and shade. Period of validity: unlimited. The production date is also the production batch number.


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