Qualdrop Rich One 30g



RICH ONE is an abundance of fulvic acids, amino acids, microelements and oligosaccharides, which are obtained by natural processes, among others, fermentation. Fulvic acids contained in RICH ONE hasten and facilitate the transport of minerals and vitamins to cells, increase the absorbability of nutrient components, and exhibit very strong antioxidative properties. Moreover, thanks to their contents of, among others, amino acids and microelements, the contribute into development of plankton in the aquarium and establishing the biological balance. RICH ONE may be used in shrimp tanks and plant aquaria.

Typically, 1 flat spoon per 20-25 liters of water per fortnight, or regularly at each water replacement. When starting a new tank, the dose may be doubled. The products dyes the water slightly amber-brown, however the color decays in time. Hygroscopic product. Store in tightly sealed packaging. Take care not to place a wet spoon in the packaging.